Religion of the Chain


My dad once said that everyone has an opinion.  He then proceeded to tell me exactly what most of those opinions are worth.  This topic is sorta like that.  Few things get more traction or generate more divergent opinions than when someone asks the simple question, “How do you take care of your chain?”  Simple […]

Tan Lines?

face tan

My wife has always been a sun worshiper.  She can spend countless hours just laying in the sun reading or soaking up those ever so dangerous rays.  Me, on the other hand could care less how much sun I got or just how tan I could be.  That makes so agrivating that I just tan […]

Bikes vs Everybody Else

share the road

Once again this topic comes up and it just does not change.  Over the last week our local talk radio has had several “discussions” with people who think bicycles should be on the sidewalk and never on the road.  These knuckleheads were off-set by the cyclists who insist that they have every right to be […]

Support Your Local Bike Shop

Silver Comet Depot_Mableton GA

Today the internet touches practically everything we do. For goodness sake my mom even has a connection. She is now the owner of a farm with loads of animals and some sort of Mafia involvement. Don’t really understand all of it but she seems to be having fun and as far as I know she […]