Tour De Pig


Lexington NC is famous for it’s BBQ.  Now remember I am a naturalized southerner so when I say BBQ it has vinegar, hot sauce, pulled pork and all the goodness of NC in it.  This will start arguments at a minimum and could result in divorce or murder if taken to the extreme.  Even within […]

Ride with Thomas

The Shadow Rider

Had a bit of time off Thursday so went on a nice short ride with my friend Thomas.  He lives very close to a local greenway so we left from his home and tooled on over to the greenway.  Very nice downhill on the way, got up to 40+ mph but you do know what […]

Cade’s Cove once more.

Sign left by a long lost civilization.  Maybe pointing the way for lost wanderers.

Well the DNC came to Charlotte so I ran away to TN.  I did not want to be part of any of that craziness associated with an event that consumes an entire city so I am visiting my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter in Lenoir City, TN.  I get to taste the latest home brew of […]

Smokey Mtn Recumbent Rally 2012

Smokey Mountain Recumbent Rally 2012

Well folks it is in the books and from almost everyone a success.  The SMRR in Townsend TN was a great time and I got to meet some great folks from all over the place. We began with a brief orientation ride around the local area on Thursday evening and spent some time meeting and […]