New Seat Bag for the V3

top of bag mod

Well when you build a new ride you needed some new stuff to go along with it.  I looked around but just did not find what I was looking for.  I needed a bag to carry my stuff.  Since most of my riding is solo and in areas where there is not much in the […]


Great deal on flagpoles at your local HD.

Just stopped by the local toyland (Home Depot) and while browsing through the sign section I ran across just what every trike rider needs.  They have a selection of really nice fiberglass flag poles that would really look good on a trike.  The poles are orange or yellow with a six inch reflective strip of […]

Religion of the Chain


My dad once said that everyone has an opinion.  He then proceeded to tell me exactly what most of those opinions are worth.  This topic is sorta like that.  Few things get more traction or generate more divergent opinions than when someone asks the simple question, “How do you take care of your chain?”  Simple […]

Convert Odometer to Cadence Monitor


Recently added a Garmin 705 to my dashboard of cool stuff.  It is a very cool deal and so far I love all that it does for me.  I picked up a heart rate monitor from e-bay for 35$ and now have almost everything in one package.  The final touch was a cadence monitor but […]