Ride of the V3

Well I have about 400 or so miles on the V3 now so here is my slightly biased opinion.  I absolutely love just about everything about it.  I was not sure at the beginning but after the last months of riding I can safely say it is a blast to ride.  So far I have […]

“The Building of a V3″

Ready for the road.

It has taken a lot longer than I thought but it is finally finished and ready for prime time. The V3 that came to me as a brand new bare frame in Dec of last year is a beautiful, fully functional ride and is as smooth and quick as I had hoped. There was gnashing […]

Smokey Mtn Recumbent Rally 2012

Smokey Mountain Recumbent Rally 2012

Well folks it is in the books and from almost everyone a success.  The SMRR in Townsend TN was a great time and I got to meet some great folks from all over the place. We began with a brief orientation ride around the local area on Thursday evening and spent some time meeting and […]


Great deal on flagpoles at your local HD.

Just stopped by the local toyland (Home Depot) and while browsing through the sign section I ran across just what every trike rider needs.  They have a selection of really nice fiberglass flag poles that would really look good on a trike.  The poles are orange or yellow with a six inch reflective strip of […]