Cade’s Cove once more.

Wildflowers of Cade's Cove TN

Well the DNC came to Charlotte so I ran away to TN.  I did not want to be part of any of that craziness associated with an event that consumes an entire city so I am visiting my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter in Lenoir City, TN.  I get to taste the latest home brew of my son-in-law, play with the 3 year old and ride the cove in Townsend once again.

The brew(s) are great, the daughter is wonderful, the 3 year old is more fun than I can adequately describe and Cade’s Cove is one of my favorite all time rides.  Planned a wednesday ride with Bill from U-Man Power in Townsend but he had to cancel due to a work commitment so I did a solo wednesday morning ride.  Great ride and talked with a lot of folks around the loop but the most exciting thing was a big black bear up in a huge old oak directly over the trail.  A ranger was there to direct traffic and let us know we could go on through but to watch out.  “Falling bears?”  Not really but since he was directly overhead there was a constant rain of acorn parts, leaves and branches coming down upon the trail.

Wildflowers of Cade's Cove TN


I could not get a picture of him but did manage to get a pic of some nice flowers along a stream and even found an ancient mark that I can only assume was left by some long gone primitive society.  Great ride and a good time in the Great Smokey Mountains once again.

Sign left by a long lost civilization. Maybe pointing the way for lost wanderers.

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