Tour De Pig

Lexington NC is famous for it’s BBQ.  Now remember I am a naturalized

southerner so when I say BBQ it has vinegar, hot sauce, pulled pork and all the goodness of NC in it.  This will start arguments at a minimum and could result in divorce or murder if taken to the extreme.  Even within the borders of NC there are strong differences, mustard, that gooey red stuff…. I am really not posting to start a war of BBQ but I do want to give congratulations to the Lexington, BBQ Festival and the great bike ride called the “Tour De Pig”


I thought it would be a great warm-up for the “Honor the Warriors” ride the following weekend.  Got up early and hit the road for the ride to Lexington.  Great weather, and good directions got me there in plenty of time.  The registration was well organized and except that they had run out of this years shirts registration went smoothly.  There were probably 400+ riders and I chose the 34k route so I could get home and finish a few projects.  We took off and I stayed near the rear since I was the only recumbent I could see.  Most of the ride was gently rolling with a few steeper spots but nothing too bad.  After a rest stop I found myself being passed by a large group of riders and getting caught up in the moment I waved goodby to the couple I had been chatting with and picked up my pace to match theirs.  I found myself in the middle of 50 or so riders cruising along at 23-25mph.  It was a blast.  At one point I was passing a guy who looked like he was watching an alien go by.  He yelled, “But you have big tires!” (my V3 has 1.75″)  He was shocked to see a fat old man passing his spandex clad 20 something body.

I had to laugh at these guys and their shocked looks as I just kept going.  Then it happened (insert dramatic music here).  One of the guys I was passing was one I had been talking to in the registration line.  He said “Lookin’ good, but I thought you were riding the 34?”  Apparently I had gotten into the 100k group and with the enthusiasm of the ride had missed the turn that would have taken me back to the start.  Luckily it was not too far back and I had to be home early so I began the ride of shame back to the turn and finished the ride with 37k. and with the couple I had been with earlier.  Overall a great ride, could have been marked better, great people, and fantastic BBQ.  I will put this ride on next year’s calendar also.



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