New Seat Bag for the V3

The bag in all it's glory

Well when you build a new ride you needed some new stuff to go along with it.  I looked around but just did not find what I was looking for.  I needed a bag to carry my stuff.  Since most of my riding is solo and in areas where there is not much in the way of help I had to have something.  I modified a little fanny pack to fit but it only held my phone and wallet.  That was ok for short rides but I wanted to be able to carry a spare tube, an inflator, a spare chain link and a bag with a few handi-wipes because they come in, well handy.

I checked out all of the commercially available stuff and it was either way too expensive or just did not fit the bill.  So, I ordered a very cheap bag on ebay and went to work on it.

The rivets that hold the stiffener in place

I had already put the ADEM headrest on so I had a cross bar on the “Hoagie” seat to work with.  The bag was designed as a handlebar bag so it came with a bulky plastic mount system that would not fit around the headrest so off it came.  Quick work for the dremel.  The stiffener was not really well attached so I drilled three holes in each side and riveted it in place.  Now we are ready to mount it.

Measured and drilled 4 more holes that matched with the headrest and bolted the whole thing on.  It holds a spare tube, my phone, a few tools and the handy stuff too.  The zipper is probably not going to hold up long but this was really intended as an experiment so for the next time I will begin with a little better bag and hopefully end with a longer lasting project.

Mounted bag, you can see the old holes where the handlebar mount went.








Well after about 200 miles the cheap alternative turned out to be that.  Cheap.  The fabric was cut and not sealed prior to being sewed.  It pulled apart and the results are clear in the pic below.

(can’t get pic to upload will try again later)

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