New Apoyo, just assembled and still with that horrid orange webbing.

Remember the “Mattel Big Wheels” trikes our kids had? I can remember thinking that looks like a blast, I wish I had something like it. Well now I do.
I am old enough that I do not care what people say and I know they all really wish they had one too. Like everything else trikes come in many flavors, tadpoles, deltas, haulers, lean steer deltas…….. About the only thing they have in common is three wheels. My experience has been exclusively with tadpoles and that experience has been great. My Apoyo was the first recumbent purchase I made. It came in a big box and it took about two hours and lot of comments about the heritage of the guy who packed it but I got it together. On the financial end of the scale this trike is near the bottom which means I spent a lot of time tinkering and adding stuff to make it exactly what I wanted. Some guys will tell you that you would be ahead to buy one of the top shelf trikes and save your time but I really like to make things mine and I do not mind getting my hands dirty so this was a great deal for me. Some of my additions are lengthened steering handles, trigger shifters, a bag (for cool stuff), changed the webbing color, Tom’s idler kit, a bottle mount, a mirror, a pvc dashboard for my computer and more cool stuff, and double flag poles. Here is what she looks like today.

Much improved Apoyo. Stylish, but still a lawn chair with wheels.